About Nara

Hi, I’m Nara and I’m a lifestyle portraits and wedding photographer based outside of Seattle, WA.  I guess this is where I’m supposed to say something about myself.  I’ve always enjoyed visually documenting life and everything around me for as long as I could remember. It wasn’t until mid-2006 while researching for wedding photographers that I found myself immersed with inspirations which fueled my passion further.  Photography became my art. I fell in love with the power of images and was captivated by the way images can tell a story without speaking a word, how it can relive moments, take you back into a moment in time and evoke the same emotions no matter how many times one looks at them. Photographic art is not just about clicking a button, much goes into controlling, directing and creating an image.  In 2010, with the strong support and encouragement from love ones and close friends, Nara Photography was officially born.

I believe that photography is both storytelling as well as creating memories.  Whether you want your story captured or have new memories made, if you feel that my images speak to you and you need a photographer I would love to hear from you.  We can have a lot of fun together!  I shoot mainly on-location and is available for travel.  My goal is to not only capture beautiful imagery, but to also tell a story with an artistic and creative awareness through the blend of traditional portraiture and contemporary documentary style photography.

When I’m not behind the camera I enjoy baking, crafting, traveling, hiking, Netflixing and sleeping in whatever chance I get (which doesn’t happen often enough).  I have the cutest brother & sister kitties, Jonas and Jolie, and the most adorable little Jack Russell/Toy Fox Terrier name Winnie.  I like to keep busy or else I get too bored and will go a little crazy.

Live the life you love.