Amber and Paul traveled all the way from Southern California to get married in front of their families and friends in Edmonds, WA.  We actually met the bride for the very first time the day before the wedding!  This was the first wedding where we didn’t meet with the bride and groom beforehand and it’s normally not how we would like to do things, but everything worked out in the end.  While Seung was with the guys, I was with the girls as they got ready.  When it was time for the bride & groom and wedding party portraits the idea of a “first look” came up.  I was thinking it, but didn’t bring it up because that’s something I usually bring into discussion during our face-to-face consultation and not on the day of the wedding.  Anyway, I was so glad and happy Amber wanted to do it.  One phone call over to the guys and it was a done deal.  We met with the guys at the Edmonds waterfront to do this.  I’m just going to say that I highly recommend a “first look” for every couple, unless it’s strongly in their belief that a bride and groom shouldn’t see each other before the wedding.  I’ll save my reasons and preference to have a “first look” for another post!  After the formal portraits, we headed to The United Presbyterian Church of Seattle for the church ceremony followed by the reception and traditional Korean “Pae Baek” ceremony in an adjacent building on the church grounds.  I love learning about different cultural wedding traditions and it’s always an honor to be a part of it (photographing it that is).  Although I married a Korean we didn’t incorporate the “Pae Baek” ceremony into ours and so this was also my first time witnessing one.  Loved the traditional outfits and colors!

To see more pictures of Amber and Paul’s wedding please click here for their slideshow.

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  • OMG I used to work with Paul at! HAHA… tell him HELLO and CONGRATULATIONS for me, if you will! Hehe… great job on the pictures!!!

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