Part II of Ronelda + Dexter’s blog post – their wedding/family portraits.  Since their wedding day was a busy and jam packed day we decided to do a post wedding shoot.  This actually worked out better with the kids since it gave us more time and provided a stress-free environment for all.  We headed out to the University of Washington campus for the wedding portraits.  What I enjoyed the most that day was watching the way Ronelda and Dexter interacted and looked at each other.  They had the same look from their wedding day, full of love, joy, smiles and happiness.  Or maybe that’s how they look at each other everyday.  It’s a contagious look, one that makes me smile and happy just remembering that day.  Aren’t they just a beautiful and picture perfect family?  They also ordered a flushmount wedding album.  The album should be arriving in about two weeks and we’re ALL very excited for it!  We’ll definitely post some pictures when it gets here.

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