After the 2012 WPPI convention in Vegas two weeks ago, I made a detour to southern California before heading back to Seattle.  I caught up with old friends, met up with new ones and also visited relatives, but the main purpose of my trip was to attend my good friends’ baby shower.  Thyda and Sam visited WA back in December.  We had originally scheduled a maternity session then, but the good old northwest only had wet and rainy weather to offer.  Of course I could not pass up on the chance of shooting in the California sun.  This shoot was a long time in the planning (well, ever since I found out about the news) and I’m so glad I got to do it in California instead.  Thanks to our friend Mikal of Lok In the Moment (also my wedding photographer!) for suggesting the Jeffrey Open Space Trail in Irvine, CA as one of our shoot locations.  All the sun made me crave for ice cream so we headed over to Laguna Beach.  It was a special place for Thyda and Sam because it was where Sam proposed to Thyda almost four years ago.  Well, we ended up having such a great time that we forgot about getting ice cream.  I’m extremely happy for Thyda and Sam and how far they’ve come and grown in their relationship.  I’m also very proud of Thyda.  She’s such a gorgeous preggo!  I can’t believe in just a couple weeks, someone who I consider more than a good friend but like my little sister, is going to be a mommy!  Baby Brayden… you lucky boy… see you soon!

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  • NARA!! You got me all teary eyed reading this and seeing the pictures again! Sure, I see them everyday, but they feel so much more official now that they are on your blog!!! <3 We had such a blast and I am so glad that we finally got a chance to get this photoshoot done. Brayden's going to have tons of pictures of his Mommy and Daddy (especially Mommy) in his room… haha! BTW… it was actually Laguna Beach, not Malibu. LOL… remember us talking about looking for LC's Parents' house? And yes… in a few short weeks, this little sis of yours is going to be a Mommy! What is the world coming to? Hehe JK… love you and again, thank you so much! Mwuah!!!

  • Haha I changed it to the right beach! You should’ve seen my original blog entry. I edited it. You would’ve cried for sure cause I almost did! :)

  • This is absolutely awesome job! what a great blog. I enjoyed the photographs so much. They are beautiful. Thyda you are so beautiful and congratulations. I know your baby is in your arms by now.

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